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Hungarian is an Uralic language, part of the Ugric group. With some 14 million speakers, it is one of the most widely spoken non-Indo-European languages in Europe.

Hungarian Forint

For the adults is sufficient for identity card. Children under 15 must have an individual passport or be registered in the passport of their parents.

Medical Assistance:
EU: card E111, you can get from your local health units.

230V 50HzHz, european plug with two circular metal pins

Telephone, Fax:

  • Hungary country code 36
  • Budapest area code 1 (+7-digit number)
  • International pre-dial: 00 + country code + local number
  • Domestic long distance pre-dial: 06 + area code + local number
  • Cell-phone numbers are 9-digit, after dialing 06, the first two numbers depend on the telephone company: 20, 30 or 70.

Continental, with the average temperature

Turist Information:
Hungarian Tourism Plc.
+ 36 1 438 80 80